I Took The FYLSE Twice
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I Took The FYLSE Twice

I Took The FYLSE Twice

*** Ms. Julianna Hamond, JD passed away in 2017 and is greatly missed.  She was a dedicated, motivating, ray of sunshine that encouraged so many of us to keep going.  We are glad that she wrote this and we can keep it available so that even in spirit she can continue to encourage students to keep trying.  Julianna, you are deeply missed.
The following article is written by an online law school alumni who attended Concord University Online at Kaplan. I have often found that reaching out to the alumni from the school you attend is one of the most helpful tools you can access freely.  Most alumni can be found on your school’s Facebook page or through some type of student roster.  Ms. Hammond, JD is one of our avid readers here at FYLSE Real Help and is a personal friend.  Her story should bring inspiration to those of you who are facing a second, third, whatever testing of the FYLSE.

Four Scores and 5 years Ago…

By: Julianna Hammond
Hurricane Issac was headed for New Orleans just as I enrolled in 1L September of 2012.  Funny how the hurricanes in 2012 relate with my FYLSE and the hurricanes of 2017 will relate with your taking of the FYLSE.
With Hurricane Nate hovering in the gulf coast just outside of NOLA, the time to embrace your knowledge and overcome the FYLSE is here! As a January 2017 J.D. graduate, this is a message of ENCOURAGEMENT!
F.Y.L.S.E., five seemingly innocent letters in a row which, appears to be a jumble puzzle to many; even within the legal profession. However, the FYLSE is the First Year Law Students Exam in California and the acronym evokes an intense emotional response in the spirit of students who are on the journey to practice law in the Golden State.  Yet the significance of the event is still a mystery to many even in the legal field.
In order to get credit for 1L studies and to continue your Law study and qualify to sit for the California BAR EXAM, an applicant must pass the FYLSE within the first three Administrations (as measured by the California Committee of Bar Examiners).
To pass the FYLSE is not easy but take it once,twice, thrice if necessary! Chase your dream, visualize your goal and set your sight on success!
 As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to plan you plan to plan to fail”. In my own words, “Daring to try is the bravest of all!”
The journey of 1L and (gulp) even juggling 1L and 2L if you do not pass the FYLSE your first try (I did not! 2x was the ticket for me! ) hence the 4 scores. I sat for the October 2013 and June 2014 FYLSE, and then February 2017 California Bar Exam and then the July 2017 California Bar (results pending)!
It takes a rough storm to make a rainbow! Grab an umbrella and don’t let it rain on your parade! If I can do it, through trust and hard work so can you; your success IS POSSIBLE!
Dance in the rain to the beat of your own drummer and you will make it past (passed) the 2017 FYLSE!!!
No day is ever a perfect day, no response exactly a model answer.
Know your strengths and trust your instincts.
Embrace the adrenaline and put your skills on showcase for the FYLSE graders.  The entire process of the journey and observing the scenery amidst the winding adventures of law school and life are just as important as the arrival at ultimate destination of your growth from a Law student to a Juris Doctor graduate.
You’ve earned your FYLSE spot to take the exam. Now SHINE and claim your golden ticket to practice law in the Golden State and pass the FYLSE !!! Even if the third time is a charm!
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