Covid Took My Outline!
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Covid Took My Outline!

Covid Took My Outline!

The first online Baby Bar was proctored this June and many of you bravely took the dive! As this was the first time this exam was proctored online many of you had questions and still do. Further, your bravery alerted the next group of Baby Bar sitters and those waiting to find out whether they will be taking the Bar exam online as to the huge pot holes and problems with online testing.

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I am a quick typist and I think that being a quick typist assisted me in passing the Baby Bar on my first try, but I didn’t take the Baby Bar online, I sat in that giant room. I had access to the paper version of the questions and I was able to outline the essays and use scratch paper. However, the law school I went to tested online and I vividly remember complaining about the lack of access to a printed version of the essay fact patterns while testing online.

From the looks of things this is the new normal. We will no longer have access to pen and paper essay outlining.


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As you are all aware, outlining essays is one of the most important things that is preached to students and its one of the most argued things taught. Do you spend 15 minutes outlining or do you spend 5? Do you underline and circle or do you make notes in the margins? Have you been using the OAC method for contract MCQ’s? Now, you do none of those things because you cant!

Barbri, Kaplan, and just about every Baby Bar Prep program and Bar Prep program I have taken focus very strongly on essay outlining and its importance. But if its so important, why did the CA Bar Examiners take away our ability to outline and how do we move forward and be successful in these essays without this ability?

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Many students I have spoken with have informed me that they have moved to a two screen system where you can have the essay up on one screen and Examsoft on another. They say this helps with writing the essay. But, if your not computer savvy or if your more accustomed with outlining your essay on paper, its very likely this method will work for you.

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One of our own took the plunge this June and had three things to say:

1. Do your practice writing without notes or outlines. Use an online hypo, arrange your screen so the top third of the screen is the hypo and the bottom 2/3 of the screen is blank screen for typing. When you have to continuously scroll up and down in your essay its easy to get lost and lose time.

2. If you are more familiar with paper and pencil for making diagrams, notes or figures on the MCQs, use a site like Barbri where you can get free questions and answers and everything is online. Not being able to do diagrams made contracts much harder.

3. The only time you need a connection is when your going to download exams and upload results. Neither which have to be in any kind of hurry. You have 24 hours to upload results and 3 days to download exam ahead of test date. Once Examsoft is launched, everything (including wifi) is shut down.

So here we are. Facing a new world of testing and preparation. As your go to site for Baby Bar Prep we will be holding free Baby Bar Prep sessions with folks who have successfully passed the Baby Bar. Find us on Facebook at: This site will provide you with the Zoom link to join our session!

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