Baby Bar Bookcase Series
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Baby Bar Bookcase Series

Baby Bar Bookcase Series

First, I want to welcome and thank you all for helping Pass the Baby Bar and FYLSE Real Help to Pass the Baby Bar over the years.  Thanks to your support and feedback we have just launched book 2 in our Baby Bar Bookcase series!  Book 2 covers Negligence and its many moving parts.  Pick up a copy here!

I am sure you have all read the many articles and how to posts we have published over the years on Negligence.  If not click here!

Our ebook covers Negligence in the way you should be familiar with.  Check out our Youtube video for a preview of what is inside our Baby Bar Bookcase Series by clicking here.

We always begin by addressing our basic outline:





But our eBook goes on to provide rule statements, how to apply those rule statements, and fact patterns (never seen before) to help you put those methods into practice.  We continue with our “color coding,” to allow you  visually begin to see how the entire process works.

We include visual charts to help you understand specific theories.  For example, here is one we use in our eBook:

Here is an excerpt from our ebook.

“Negligence The issue here is whether plaintiff ____________ has a cause of action for negligence against defendant ______.

Negligence is defined as a breach of duty of due care that is the actual and proximate cause of plaintiff’s injuries.

The first issue is that of duty. Under the majority Cardozo rule, duty of care is owed to only a foreseeable plaintiff or a person in the zone of danger. (Insert Analysis) Thus, duty under the Cardozo rule is met/not met. Under the Andrews and minority view, a duty is owed to all. (Insert analysis) Thus, under this standard a duty exists/does not exist.

The standard of care the defendant owes plaintiff a duty to act as a reasonable prudent person in same or similar circumstances. (Insert analysis).”

We cover Negligence, Negligence per se, Res Ipsa Loquitor and so much more.  Get a copy today and let us know which book you would like to be released next!

The ebook can be purchased by clicking the link here; Baby Bar Bookcase Series.

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