October 2019 FYLSE Predictions

October 2019 FYLSE Predictions

The time has come for the October 2019 FYLSE! 

October 2019 FYLSE Predictions

Various professors and schools are announcing their predictions and students are feverishly studying anything and everything they can.  We here at FYLSE Real Help are doing the same thing!

Our predictions for the October 2019 FYLSE are:


Negligence Per Se June 2007 Question 1

Res Ipsa October 2014 Question 2

Invasion of Privacy July 2003 Question 4


Divisible contracts October 2002 Question 1

Battle of the forms June 2003 Question 4

Assignment/Delegation/Novation June 2010 Question 3

Criminal Law

Homicide – Insanity June 2011 Question 1

False Imprisonment/Kidnapping June 2012 Question 2

Withdraw October 2011 Question 2

As you can see, we added past FYLSE essays that you can review to brush up on those skills.

We have heard that many are predicting there will be two torts questions.  We believe you will have either two torts or two contract questions.

Good luck and may the force be with you on your test day!