Downloading ExamSoft Part 2
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Downloading ExamSoft Part 2

Downloading ExamSoft Part 2

In Part 2 of Downloading ExamSoft we cover the insides of ExamSoft; how to find writing areas, where to access specific essays, how the spell check works, and so much more.  To see part one click here.

Downloading ExamSoft requires that you upload practice essays.  During this time it would behoove you to use this requirement to get a bit of practice in.  Sit down and pull out a past FYLSE fact pattern and take this opportunity to write a timed essay into ExamSoft.  This mock trial will allow you to see firsthand the ups and downs.

This practice will allow you to see how the spell check works, how to underline and/or bold your headings, and how to move from essay to essay.  The more time you use to get comfortable with the ExamSoft program, the more comfortable you will be on FYLSE day!

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