October 2018 Baby Bar Results
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October 2018 Baby Bar Results

October 2018 Baby Bar Results

At this exact moment, as I type, hundreds of online students are clammering to get their October 2018 Baby Bar Results; and what are they seeing?

There is nothing on the CA website, there is nothing on our school FB pages, there is nothing being updated, there is just nothing.  

We wanted to put this story out there for those of you who are at the verge of calling it and deciding all hope is lost.

A member of our group called the Bar Examiners on Friday and was told the results would be mailed that day.  However, many of you remember being told that results would be announced the 14th.  

The CA Bar examiners have messed up in the past.  I am sure you have all heard or been a part of the June 2015 Criminal Pro question on the Baby Bar mess up!  These things happen; yeah, I know, that doesn’t help calm your nerves.

Question 3

Narcotics officers, Alice and Ben, were assigned to conduct routine surveillance at a bus station. They were assisted by Hound, a trained narcotics-detection dog. One evening, after all the passengers on a bus had exited the vehicle for a scheduled rest stop, Alice lawfully boarded the bus, while Ben and Hound waited outside. Alice walked down the center aisle of the bus, looking at the luggage that passengers had placed in the overhead storage space. When she came to David’s seat, she caught sight of his soft-sided suitcase above his seat. Standing on his seat, she leaned forward and sniffed the suitcase, but could not detect any odor. She then pressed the outside of the suitcase lightly with her hands, forcing air from the interior. She sniffed the escaping air and, based upon her training and experience, recognized the odor of marijuana. Shortly thereafter, the passengers began reboarding the bus. As they did so, Ben had Hound sniff each one without touching the individual. When Hound sniffed David,Hound responded, indicating the presence of narcotics on David’s person.

Did Alice or Ben conduct a “search” within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment to theUnited States Constitution? Discuss

But, breathe, relax, and just wait.  Don’t count yourself out just yet.  From what we are hearing and seeing on the internet, NO ONE, has received an update on the website.  This could mean EVERYONE failed, but I highly doubt it.

Keep calm and carry on!  I’m not sure I can say that hahahaha!  But seriously, wait until Monday.  Then we can begin to really worry!

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