What To Do The Day Before The Baby Bar
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What To Do The Day Before The Baby Bar

What To Do The Day Before The Baby Bar

OK, so the time has come!  It is Monday and tomorrow is the baby bar.  Whether this is your first time taking it, your second, or even your millionth time, you should be relaxing!  Whatever you’re doing it is highly suggested you do anything BUT study.  This is an almost impossible task!  After hundreds of hours of studying, weekends lost, social life out the window, all of a sudden, everyone is saying relax.  Instead of beating yourself up, trying to memorize acceptance through shipments of non-conforming goods, or doing millions of flashcards, try throwing all that to the  wayside and have a laugh!

The day before the test you should laugh, relax, and know that you put in the study time, you did your due diligence, and you got this!  Go out, have fun, use up as much energy as you can so you can sleep tonight.

In an attempt to help all of you out I have compiled the following hilarious jokes, memes, and other funny stuff to help you begin to relax!

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